N2Y - Never 2 Young

Coordinator: Kelly Forrest

There are multiple opportunities for your student to join us in our youth program (seventh through twelvth grade) to engage in worship, learn God's Word and fellowship with peers of their own age groups.


Send students into the world with a solid, Christ-centered perspective. Journey establishes students as lifelong disciples through a deep study of God's Word, mobilizing them to live with a godly perspective and an evident faith. This program is designed for students 7th-12th grade.  Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 in the youth room, starting January 21.


We invite our youth group to join us on Sunday morning service times to sit with their families for worship and fellowship.  Or, we offer many serving opportunities within the worship service for your student to get involved.  Whether it is working crafts in the Ark, singing with our worship team, or working with a small group in Kids Zone, we want your student involved. 

On Sunday evenings, we offer an extended service for your student to get involved. FBC-Gainesville owns and maintains the FBC Family Center found near town square.  We invite your student to join us there for games, Bible study, and fellowship. 

Starting October 15, we will begin a new study Big Questions.  This six-session apologetic study is designed to equip students to think biblically and apologetically about some of today's toughest topics relating to the Christian faith. Bringing in some of today's leading Christian apologists to contribute, Big Questions takes students to another level of being able to explain why they believe what they believe.

Questions relating to doubts, evidence for God's existence, the relationship between science and Christianity, the existence of world religions, the problem of evil and suffering, and how to live apologetically in the world today are covered throughout the study, all for the purpose of not only strengthening a student's faith, but to help that student defend and commend the faith to others.


On Wednesday nights at 7pm, while adults are working their way Through the Bible, our students will be meeting for Youth on Mission.  Youth on Mission is a coed missions program for students in grades 7-12.  Youth on Mission offers students opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers, and helps students learn they can be a part of God's work in the world.  On Wednesday evenings a light meal is served in the fellowship hall at 6:30pm.

We will begin this new program on October 11.